Wednesday, September 4, 2013

crépuscule sur l'Ile d'Or - dusk on the Island of Gold

I recently learned that the Ile d'Or is the only island in the Loire that has has permanent buildings.  That island in this photo is just that little green strip between the blue waters of the Loire.  It was just dusk when I took this a few days ago and the street lights and bridge lights had just illuminated.  Anyway, I thought the golden glow of those lights did in fact capture the idea of the island of gold.


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    1. I think you just have to live in a place long enough to see it from all angles, in all seasons, and all lighting situations.

  2. Hi Stuart, are you ok with link to your blog and great pics. here

    There are buildings on Ile Aucard at Tours I'm sure.

    1. No problem with the link on your site. And you are so right about the buildings on Ile Aucard. I probably misunderstood the statement I heard about the Ile d'Or... maybe it was actually regarding permanent residences. Anyway, so much for passing along "facts" without checking them out. Thanks for the input and I'll try to nail this down.