Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No swimming ...or not?!

I was amused to see this "no swimming" sign (baignade interdite) which literally translates to "bathing forbidden" nearby the Loire.  The river could not have risen to the level here to wash out the "forbidden" part of the sign so I'm not sure now this happened.  In any case, I liked the resulting reversal in meaning as well as the interesting blurring of colors.


  1. My guess would be it's a piece of paper behind some plastic, printed with an ordinary inkjet, so not waterproof. I bet it was put up after that boy drowned last year.

    1. I am sure you are correct about the construction. I only found it odd that the most important part of the message was affected. And you are probably right about the incident of the boy drowning. As a result, the signs (there are more than this one) appear hastily completed. In any case, my observations are that the swimmers don't see them or don't take heed.

  2. In the light of Susan's comment I hope they fix it soon