Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Marignan 2015 - the costumes

Today, and for the rest of the week, I'll be showing you more images of the big show Sunday night (see yesterday's post).  To me the most fascinating aspect of it was the variety and quality of the costumes.  In my view, they were impeccable.  Here are only a few samples.  But in addition there were also musicians, guards, dancers, nobility, and lots of warriors.,, over 400 in all.

The 1518 celebration was designed by Leonardo de Vinci and the architect of château Chambord.  So in this modern version, actors played the roles of Leonardo (bottom, right) and King François I (bottom, left).  The other fellow played the host for the evening and explained all of the events that were to follow.


  1. I agree. The costumes in these sorts of events in France are always professional and authentic. No making it up from the dressing up box, no matter how well meaning a volunteer you are. There is a historical costumier based in Montrésor and no doubt others around. The historical recreation groups take it very seriously too and are very knowledgeable.