Thursday, October 8, 2015

Doucement les jeunes !!!

I love this old hand painted truck.  On the back is painted "Doucement les jeunes!!!  j'ai 40 ans" which I will translate as "Careful youngsters!!!  I'm 40 years old."  I snapped this little treasure on rue Nationale, the main shopping street in Amboise, while the owner was in buying a baguette at the boulangerie in the background.


  1. what a fun truck, still has a sense of humor in his old age ;)

  2. I've never seen a truck like this here.

  3. Someone who has 40 ans IS jeune. And get off my lawn! Why, these kids today...

  4. I photographed one of these in Azay le Rideau today. I'm in the market for one, btw. I want one as my runabout for the orchard and such like. I've seen the one in your photo somewhere too.

    1. Our neighbor had a 30 year old Clio that he was using like a little pickup truck for his garden. We called it the jardi-mobile.