Monday, April 29, 2013

Context is everything

This statue of Georges Henri Anne-Marie Victor de Villebois-Mareuil (really!) is just down the road from Amboise in Nantes.  It depicts Marianne (the emblem of France itself) embracing this war hero who was born nearby.  I'm sure the sculptor did not envision his work of art would end up in front of a FNAC.  (In the States, this is like a Best Buy, a place that specializes in electronics and such.)  I found it ironic that from the angle I took this photo, it looks like George might be blissfully giving his blessing to this French institution.


  1. Si cette photo pouvait parler...ou... si la statue pouvait parler...
    Cette prise de vue est a 'piece of art'!

  2. France continues to amaze me with its mix of ancient and modern. This one somewhat captures that. I hope Georges would have approved of technology...s'il pouvait parler !

  3. I think he's handing them his credit card.

  4. Yes, Virginia, it's required if you want to keep citizenship (ou carte de séjour).