Thursday, April 18, 2013

New bridge for the bike trail

It was a big day in Amboise on Wednesday.  At least it was for me and all the other avid cyclists and hikers that live in and visit our community.  The network of bike trails continues to expand and be improved throughout the Loire valley.  This new bridge completes the construction of a path that passes through Amboise.  You can tell I'm excited because I'm posting additional photos of the installation...which employed the biggest crane on a truck I have ever seen.

Here is the bridge, in a single piece, being lifted off the truck and over the dyke that protects the town from flooding:

And here is the bridge being carefully put in place over the Amasse which flows underneath downtown Amboise and emerges underneath the dyke into the Loire.  Then, a lucky cyclist who happened by was captured for posterity as the first cyclist to cross the new bridge by the news media.  The gentlemen on the left is the mayor:

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  1. Such excitement! I see that the mayor of Amboise and other officials were there to welcome the first cyclist to cross the new bridge.