Monday, August 12, 2013

view from the pagoda at Chantaloup

If you would like to see the pagoda itself (and read a snippet of its history), take a look here.  In today's photo, I found the view straight down on these curves is as interesting as the view straight out.  Maybe I'll post the latter another day.  Anyway, the brown is a graveled area around the base of the pagoda and the green is the reflecting pool.


  1. Nice picture! What's the isopodiform object to the left?
    PS: I used to do TallinnDailyPhoto many years ago...

    1. Those are stair steps down to the two directions. I guess the architect wanted the symmetry. I think it does add interest to the arc that would otherwise be uninterrupted.
      I see that TallinnDailyPhoto is still online. Aging well like a fine wine. I really enjoyed seeing your photos. Maybe some day your workload will allow you to do another blog...or return to the Tallinn blog...or retire like I did and do whatever you want !

  2. I have looked at the previous post but I'm still puzzled. Where were you Stuart? This is a great shot regardless as it makes everyone have to enlarge it to see more!

  3. I was on the very top level of the pagoda, leaning over the railing to shoot straight down towards the ground. The base of the pagoda was just out of the frame (on the bottom). The "arc" in the photo is the dark part (on the left) of the stone wall surrounding the water in the earlier post. Make sense ?