Wednesday, May 11, 2016

when hot air is a good thing

I was peacefully having breakfast when I heard the familiar roar overhead.  I ran outside with camera in hand just in time to catch this view from our terrace.


  1. And a fine snap you got. There was an incident in Stockholm last evening, involving a hot-air balloon. It collided with a transmission line, three people injured, but the view before the incident was probably a good one!

  2. A beautiful view. I'll bet the view for them, looking down at your terrace, was just as pretty.
    p.s. - I hope you will accept the friend request from my new FB account. Sorry if it caused any hassle.
    Peggy B.

  3. They're quite a sight to see. They launch these from the campus near my home, often in the late afternoon, so I'm used to seeing them relatively low.