Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Calendar Series Introduction - April Sunrise

I actually managed to take this photo from the skylight of our house early one morning.  The center silhouette is the château.  The thin spire to the right is a chapel where Leonardo da Vinci is entombed (Chapelle Saint-Hubert).  It's an interesting quirk of history that he spent his last years in Amboise at the invitation of François I.  His home, Clos Lucé, has been beautifully restored including a museum with models of many of his inventions.  And there are full scale models on the grounds that are designed to educate as well as amuse the kids.


  1. We spent many hours in Clos Luce, the amount of things he thought of was impressive.

  2. Yeah, he would be a genius just for his engineering, but on top of that he was a brilliant artist and scientist. Now in the (obligatory nowadays) gift shop, you can buy models to be assembled of his inventions. They're very cool.

  3. J'adore ces couleurs de ciel. C'est sublime !