Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow series - marchons, marchons

In spite of the snow, these hardy locals marched undeterred to the Sunday market.  These folks may have been disappointed to find that there were only a handful of brave vendors who showed up.  I'm just happy they chose to bring their red umbrella to this otherwise monochrome scene.

Please excuse the intended "franglais" pun (that is, changing the meaning of the French verb "marcher", to walk or to march, to mean "to go to the market" in "le marché").  I know I am violating the "if you have to explain it" rule, but I'm looking for dispensation since it is "franglais".   Also apologies to the French National anthem.


  1. Yup, if you have to explain it . . .
    Nice shot.

  2. Il faut être courageux pour aller au marché, par un tel temps ! J'ai froid....

  3. Thanks Joe.

    Et M., le printemps arrive ! Restez au chaud.