Wednesday, March 13, 2013

cold night on rue Nationale

Tonight it doesn't feel like we're a week away from Spring.  This photo reflects the feeling I have on this day where we had heavy overcast, a high of  0°C/32°F, a bitter wind, and snow flurries.


  1. Pourtant, tables et chaises sont de sortie......... signe que le printemps va arriver ! Mais où sont les clients........ ?

  2. Brrr...I can see you are freezing cold as well...
    You should see it here in Cherbourg: snow is 60cm high in our garden (I am actually snowdeying...), villages all around are without water, power and phone..., 700 vehicles are left alone on A13. Historical!
    But, we are still happy with it.

  3. I'm guessing you wish you had saved all of those snow photos now!! :-)

  4. I look at that and think of a warm summer drizzle, sitting under the umbrella with a glass of wine and enjoying the mist.
    (+30c here today, and sunny)

  5. Les clients sont à la maison par la cheminée.

    Anne, I saw the news of the weather there in the North. Unbelievable ! I hope you can just stay home off the roads and enjoy it. 60cm ! Wow. You are now competing with Boston.

    Don't worry, Michael, I've got lots of snow pics "in the bank". Maybe I'll have to make a withdrawal if this continues.

    OK, Joe, you win. 30°C is impressive. We won't be seeing that temperature for another five months.

  6. You all have had a rough winter, but I have to say this rain slick street scene was worth getting out in the cold. Nice one!