Friday, March 22, 2013

the vegetable vendor

While it's still not very green around town, it's always green at the vegetable vendor's stall at the market.  This one is actually "bio".  The couple that run it are really nice and now actually recognize me.  Of course how many local Anglophone customers struggling to speak French do they have?


  1. We do love our 'grands marchés' in France. They are people who work quite hard.

  2. Je suis une inconditionnelle des courses au marché ! Quel plaisir de trouver des fruits et légumes frais !

  3. Yes, they do work hard. I see some of them spending almost as much time setting up and taking down their stalls as they do actually selling.

    Je suis d'accord, M. Nous achetons tous nos légumes, fruits, fromage, pain, et poissons là.