Thursday, March 28, 2013

trees along the levee

These trees are catching the early morning sun on a crisp March morning in Amboise.  That long dark blob at the bottom is the levee that protects the town from flooding of the Loire.  It's my understanding that due to a wide variety of flood control measures over the years all along the length of the Loire, that the risk of flooding is greatly reduced, if not eliminated.  But, still, it's comforting to have it there.  And with that climate change thing, who knows ?


  1. I'd like to see this same picture in summer, with trees full of leaves. It must be great.
    In the Region of Murcia, we had big problems by flooding of the river Segura, until the late eighties. Today, the river was channeled better, and has maintained a policy of cleaning branches to avoid stoppers that could cause further flooding.

  2. I think I would find that comforting also Stuart. I live near the Indian Ocean, I just have to worry about tsunami's ;) only kidding, that's not likely to happen..?? Your marvelous images of the Loire are bringing back happy memories of my trip with my daughter two years ago, so beautiful. merci beaucoup!

  3. We could use higher dikes and better flood control—we still get awful floods every year.

    Handsome row of magnificent trees. I'd love to see them in Spring.

  4. I think a spring or summer photo can be arranged ! Thanks to all for commenting.