Sunday, May 12, 2013

after the fall

The title is not in reference to Arthur Miller, or Norah Jones for that matter (although I do love that tune), but simply an accurate description of the inevitable in May, the end of the cherry tree blossoms. This is what becomes of the glory of only a few weeks ago (click here to see my earlier post at the fountain by Max Ernst).  And yet even so, it was magical to watch the school kids happen by to shake the low limbs and then shriek with delight under the falling "pink snow".


  1. OH I'd love to see the kids shaking the branches. I thin this pink carpet is a delight!

  2. Bien vu et photographié! Dans notre jardin, c'est un tapis bleu que nous avons, avec le Céanothe qui a beaucoup fleuri.

  3. You're right Virginia, it was just like a pink carpet...I've never seen it so thick.

    Merci, Anne, il a été une bonne année pour les fleurs en depit de la météo...heureusement. Il me fallait Google Céanothe...c'est beau!