Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chambord !

Here is one of the best known and most visited château in the Loire valley, Chambord.  It is also the largest.  What really is amazing to me is that it was never a prime residence of any French king.  It was "simply" a hunting lodge constructed under the reign of king Francis I.  It turns out the king spent only a handful of nights here.  But after all he did have the châteaux at Amboise, at Blois, and at Fontainebleau.  It's good to be the king.


  1. Lovely shot Stuart. Amazing how this chateau takes on so many different looks depending the season.

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  2. I think this was my 3rd or 4th visit to Chambord before I saw it in the sunlight...and even then it was very brief. I had to run to catch it like this before the sun disappeared again.

    I see your blog now has millions of hits.

  3. Yes, nice to be king (until the guillotine came around)

  4. Joe, I think you have pointed out the universal theme here.

  5. Yes, that was certainly nice to be the king but i think i prefer making photos of this castle than living in.