Sunday, June 2, 2013

the doors of Chaumont

I find these old doors in the "attic" of château Chaumont to be interesting not just because of their subtle shades of color but also because I have my own door renovation projects to do on our our 19th century house.  At first I thought our old doors covered in who-knows-how-many layers of old paint should just be replaced.  But after spending a week stripping, sanding, and refinishing one of them, I decided I could not replace them in spite of all the work.  Apparently, they thought the same thing at the château as these old doors seem to be standing by waiting for someone to come renovate them and put them back to work.


  1. I love this photo Stuart. I"ve thought about wanting to see this place. Now I know i do!

    1. The château itself is very nice, but what I think makes the place special are the gardens and the stables. More snaps of those to come of course.