Sunday, July 14, 2013

le quatorze juillet - la Fête Nationale

While the 14 of July (quatorze juillet) is the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille in 1789, the celebration is NOT referred to as "Bastille Day" in France as it is in the States (and elsewhere).  Rather, it is the "National Celebration" or just "quatorze juillet" similar to the way Americans refer to Independence Day as the 4th of July.

Also similar to the States, le quatorze juillet is celebrated with solemn ceremonies of patriotism, parades, music, all kinds of family events, and capped off, of course, by fireworks.  Today's photo was the ceremony last year in Amboise to honor those who sacrificed for their country.


  1. A lovely photograph. Bon quatorze juillet Stuart!

    1. Merci Virginie. Do you like the French spelling? We have a friend here with that name and I think it sounds nice (ver-zhine-ee). Anyway, I just finished watching the end of stage 15 of the Tour de France (on TV) and later we're going to go to a concert at the main square in Amboise. Then later we'll watch the fireworks over the Loire. C'est vachement un bon quatorze juillet.