Monday, February 2, 2015

deuxième anniversaire d'ADP

Two years ago today I posted the first photo on ADP.  I actually wasn't sure if I'd make it the first year or even six months.  To publish a photo every day that is worthy of showing to others was a bit daunting.  And it still is.  I am in awe of my City Daily Photo colleagues who have managed to maintain the pace for a lot more years than I.

So after not missing a day for two years I'm finding I'm in need of a short break and to come back fresh.  Sunset photos have been a recurring theme on this blog so I thought it was an appropriate shot to start my vacation.  Au revoir.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

City Daily Photo theme day - "What would you miss?"

The first of every month is theme day for the City Daily Photo bloggers.  And today's theme is to answer the question "If you had to leave forever the city from which you usually post, what would you miss most?"  Well, that's a tough one for me as there are so many things I would miss.  But for today's post, I'm going to choose the classic French baguette.  And these are coming right out of the oven in a boulangerie less than a hundered yards/meters from our home in Amboise.   Yum.

Click here if you want to see how the other bloggers interpreted this theme for their cities.

And here are the artisans who create these delicious morsels as well as many other wonderful breads, croissants, and sweets every day: