Monday, November 17, 2014

le pylône électrique

Sometimes it's OK to shoot directly into the sun.  I decided this was one of those times with this tower of power.  I like that rhyming phrase.  Besides, it is also the name of a famous R&B band in the States.

I wanted to title this "the tower of power" translated to French, but everything I could come up with left the idea lost in translation.  For example, just translating each word individually results in tour de force (just try it with Google translate).  But as is often the case, you just can't translate an English phrase to French by substituting individual words.  Believe me, I've learned that the hard way.  So, while tour is the French word for tower, this type of steel tower is called a pylône.  And the English word power can be translated to force but not when it relates to electrical power.  Interestingly, that phrase tour de force actually means something totally different to Anglophones.  Now I suppose you're going to ask my why that big thing in Paris is not le Pylône Eiffel !?


  1. Le pylône de puissance. La tour de courant. L'édifice de l'électricité. Oh, this is fun!

    1. Er... make that "le campanile de courant."

  2. Quand ils ne sont pas aussi hauts, on dit aussi "poteau électrique".

  3. Whatever its name is , the pic is beautiful with all these changing clouds.