Sunday, October 25, 2015

the red leaves of ivy

Long time readers of ADP know that every autumn I lament the lack of bright red tree leaves as I so love in the States.  The yellow leaves here are great (especially the ginkgos) but there are very few maple trees and their ilk that just explode in red.  However in compensation, there are many, many walls of ivy that do "paint the town red", as the expression goes.  Here is small patch from my neighbor's beautiful red-walled courtyard.


  1. The ivy here does that, but not quite as bright a red, I've noticed.

  2. Hi, Stuart. Your ivy reminds me of the same near my place in Tuscany. Am in Portugal now, and the vines are ablaze in reds, golds, and greens. Have you been to the amazing Douro River Valley?

    1. We have not yet made it there but it must be a wonderful area from what I have read about it. Have a nice glass of Port for me.