Thursday, January 7, 2016

la porte en rose

This little door can be found on the ramp of Tour Hertault.  At first I hardly noticed it, but looking back I found the light and the embellishments to be very interesting.  Of course, I'm now wondering what's behind it... la vie?


  1. Well yes, and now I am also Stuart.. you didn't knock :)

  2. Oh yes, this would make me wonder about the other side too. I love the look of the door.

  3. L'hermine bretonne avec les fleurs de lys... Intéressant.
    Behind it is a wardrobe and behind the wardrobe...

  4. Two fleur-de-lis and a cross that is somehow very similar and at the same time rather organic. The base resembles that of a tree. The fleur-de-lis, I think, a stylized iris, is a symbol of the Trinity. The three flares of that cross could be something like that as well. It's been a symbol of French royalty representing light, perfection, life as well. Also, the Marian (Magdalen) cults used the fleur-de-lis as one of their symbols. The grouping of three that are representative of either of those is very interesting. Shorter answer: I don't know, but it is fun to make conjectures.

    1. It is fun. It's likely that in this case the top symbol represents Anne de Bretagne (who lived here while married to king Charles VIII). It's seen throughout the castle and is from her father's coat of arms. The symbol there represents ermine tails.