Saturday, October 29, 2016

déja vu

No, this is not one of my trip photos from Japan (although I have lots of them).  Amazingly and coincidentally, on the day we returned to Amboise, there was a tea ceremony conducted in the mansion at Clos Lucé.  The visiting Japanese ceramicist agreed to introduce the concept to visitors as part of the regular tour.  She was just as astonished to hear I had just visited her home country as I was to see her here in Amboise.  The old cliché, it's a small world, couldn't be more applicable.

And due to all our travelling, home renovations, and various other projects, today, I am also announcing a bit of a change to ADP.  For the foreseeable future it will be more aptly known AADP, the 2nd "A" being "Almost" as I will not necessarily publish a photo every day.  With all of my "distractions", I find I cannot really produce enough shots of sufficient quality to continue on a daily basis.  However, I will post them as I think they are worth your time to view.


  1. Given all your distractions which are for sure good news I am very happy to know that you will come back here almost regularly.

  2. ADP always evocative - no matter when.

  3. Great photo. Certainly a coincidence. I can understand the "AADP". I feel the same thing although it encourages me to get out of my office when I start to run low on photos!