Tuesday, December 6, 2016

what in the world

Another parting shot as we are off to the States for Christmas, so there won't be a post every day but I'll do what I can.  For my parting shot, though, I am leaving you with a little mystery.  I dashed over to château Chenonceau to get photos of their holiday decorations but I snapped this shot out the window as the sun was setting from one of the galleries that span the river Cher.  The question is, what in the world are those floating triangles?


  1. Plusieurs possibilités.
    Un reflet d'une décoration dans la galerie,ou des cristaux de quartz dans la vitre.
    Mais je crois que le spectacle est beau et que tu as des etoiles plein les yeux!

  2. I'm thinking a chandelier reflected in the glass.

  3. william is a smarty pants! have a wonderful and safe trip!