Saturday, July 15, 2017

at last, the balloon ride !

Well after six years in Amboise, I finally took my first balloon (aka montgolfière in French) ride with my visiting son-in-law from the States.  The pilot was skilled enough to "steer" us over the château in Amboise and Chenonceau.  It was fantastic.


  1. Great shot! I'm jealous. Was it a morning or an evening ride? If morning, how cold was it?

  2. It was a morning launch at 7 am on Friday. I wore a light windbreaker but I probably didn't even need that. It could not have been nicer. I was just amazed how the pilot changed direction by going up and down to catch different wind currents. So he made a zig-zag route from the "beach" at Amboise to Chenonceau.