Wednesday, September 6, 2017

it's the season

One of our neighbors asked if we like plums and we responded "of course".  A few minutes later he returned with a market crate full of them that he had just harvested himself.  So my wife has been fully employed lately converting them to confiture (jam) and tortes. Some of which was happily returned to the neighbor.


  1. Truth in advertising: The ones in the photo were taken in a previous season during a long walk through nearby fields and orchards. I was told these are a type of plum known as quetsche. Our neighbor brought us a different type called mirabelles.

  2. If they grow here, it's only in the Niagara peninsula area, which benefits from a moderating effect between two of the Great Lakes.

  3. Mirabelles!!! Le fruit royal!
    Une tarte aux mirabelles sur une préparation aux amandes avec un peu d'Armagnac...Hum!!!!
    C'est cette sorte de plaisir qu'on apprécie quand on ne vit pas dans une trop grande ville.
    Nous avons aussi ce luxe et cette chance.