Monday, April 8, 2013

Clos Lucé - Leonardo da Vinci's home in Amboise

Three years before his death in 1519, Leonardo was convinced by French king Francis I (here that would be François I) to leave Italy for Amboise to live out his last years.  The mansion that the king provided for Leonardo, Clos Lucé, is of course one of the main tourist attractions here.  The home has been meticulously restored and furnished.  On the bottom floor you will find a museum with models and videos of many of his inventions.  There you will also see the entrance to the underground tunnel that connects the mansion with the king's château (unfortunately it is not open to the public).  On the grounds of Clos Lucé there are full size models of some of his inventions that are designed to not only entertain but also to educate kids.  And of course you can buy your own scale models (among many, many other things) in the gift shop.


  1. Elise says, "I've been there before! I wish I could live there. It's very pretty." Elise's backyard there would be almost as fun as ours;)

  2. Yeah well, there is no zip line at Clos Lucé !

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