Tuesday, April 23, 2013

le chocolatière Bigot

The chocolate maker Bigot (pronounced bee-goh) has the most prominent location on the main square of Amboise (Place Michel Debré).  As you can see, this is a big year for this business that has been operating at the same location since 1913.  I was very lucky to just catch the owner at the door in this photo.  So if you want outrageously good chocolate,  a good coffee or tea, or an enormous and extravagant ice cream creation, this is the place to go.  In fact, in this video you'll see one of the locals loading up on treats to take back to his nearby château.


  1. It's good to see that Mick finally got some satisfaction, at least in the ice cream sense.

  2. An ice cream in the sunshine outside would be marvelous

  3. Their ice cream creations are really over the top...half a day's calories in only one serving.

  4. Bigot's looks tres inviting Stuart, hot chocolate on a freezing cold day is something I look forward to :)

    1. Yes it was the perfect remedy to the day's rain, wind, and grayness.