Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015 - le réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre - au revoir Paris Daily Photo

I had to borrow these fireworks from the July 14 celebration in Amboise!   Je ai dû emprunter ces feux d'artifice de la fête nationale du 14 Juillet à Amboise !

And for all you followers of City Daily Photo, as well as all of you who should be, I have to acknowledge the end of an era.  Today, my fellow blogger and friend Eric Tenin is retiring the granddaddy of all of the CDP blogs, Paris Daily Photo.  He started his blog almost ten years ago and as a result hundreds of other bloggers from around the world have created their own local city blogs.  When we moved to Amboise, it was his inspiration that got me to start ADP.  Our blogging community will not be the same without him.  So if you follow PDP or any of the other worldwide blogs, I hope you will take time to add your thanks to Eric on the last day of Paris Daily photo here.  Eric, these fireworks are for you !  Just add bubbly.


  1. I still remember setting up my blog all those years ago. Within one hour I received an email from Eric telling me that I needed to change the url! Can't remember what the first one was, but as I changed it to tungelstadailyphoto he was pleased!

  2. Eric's a legend in the photoblogging community. He will be missed!

    Happy New Year!