Saturday, August 13, 2016

fishing in cool waters

We'll at last I'm back from a little vacation from ADP, and now the vacationing tourists have also returned to Amboise in a big way.  This is a three day weekend in France and folks have come to taste the wine at the wine fair, see the Château and Clos Lucé, canoe and kayak the Loire river, and of course do a little fishin'.  This fisherman has a great view of the interesting sand patterns left by the now long-gone high waters of spring.


  1. I like the perspective of the shot. Good to see you back.

  2. Oui, oui, "welcome back"!
    Et toujours une photo intéressante. Si on ne lit pas ton texte, on pourrait penser que tu es le pê de dos il te ressemble un peu.

    1. Je ne suis pas un pêcheur mais j'aime assis sur cette "plage" pendant un certain temps. Quant mon derrière... pas de commentaire.