Tuesday, November 8, 2016

pressing matters

I just recently discovered this 1875 grape press on display next to the vineyards at the local viticulture high school.  You can judge by the size of the beam how much pressure this press was able to apply.  This post is for all my friends in the States who have pressing matters to attend to today, election day.


  1. Pressing matters indeed here in the States today, Stuart! I live next door to the church that is my polling place. I strung up my anti-Trump T-shirt spread out on 2 poles facing the church driveway, but on our property. My silent protest...By the way, great photo!

  2. That's some serious old machinery. I imagine vineyards here have more of a modern variant on this.

    I worry that if the election goes as sanity demands it goes, Trump's supporters are going to get really ugly.