Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Calendar Series Introduction - March marché

Here's a scene from the Sunday market.  The bird vendor has every imaginable type of chicken, rooster, goose, and other birds I can't even recognize.  It's great fun for the kids, as well as, well, all concerned.  (OK so maybe not so much for the birds.)


  1. We stayed in Amboise for a few days while traveling through France, to visit the chateaus and walked down to da Vinci's house. I kindly remember the asparagus, which had just come in season when we where there, and how marvelous it was.

  2. Very funny. What is it thinking of, this lovely dog?

  3. To Joe: I admired your tour de France on your blog and what a trip you had. They've done some renovations to Clos Lucé recently and Amboise just keeps evolving. Clearly, ya gotta come back and inspect.

    To Anne: "If only I had the chance !" He was actually a very polite dog, but without the leash and the cages, ....?!

  4. Oh, yes, I can easily figure out the scene! We had this type of dog!
    Ah, ah!