Thursday, February 7, 2013

Calendar Series Introduction - May Cycling

Cycling is a huge tourist attraction for the Loire river valley.  And why not?  There is an ever-expanding network of bike trails, a driving public that actually is respectful of cyclists, dozens of château to which to pedal, vineyards and wine tasting options too many to count, and so much flatness !  In the Spring the roads and paths are embellished by waves of wild poppies (coquelicots).  On this bike path they nicely framed a field of wheat.


  1. Oh, les jolis coquelicots! A perfectly composed photo too! I know I am going to enjoy my visits to this new blog... Bonne continuation! Veronique (a new Follower) -- French Girl in Seattle

  2. Leave it to the French to even spruce up their wheat fields. I do hope you stop and smell the poppies Stuart!

  3. J'adore les coquelicots. Ils me rappellent mon enfance quand je jouais dans les champs de blé où ils poussaient avec les bleuets et les marguerites. A la fin de leur moisson, les cultivateurs embellissaient leurs grandes charrettes avec ces bouquets bleu-blanc-rouge pour fêter la fin de leurs travaux d'été.
    Elegant picture!

  4. Merci, Anne, pour ce beau souvenir. Cela a dû être une scène enchanteresse.