Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapel series - view from Place Debré

OK.  The introduction is over and now begins the more "seasonally correct" posts.  Here is a more complete view of the chapel where Leonardo DaVinci is interred (chapelle Saint-Hubert); the first (partial) view was in the "April sunrise" post on 6 February.  This stairway leads to the entrance to the château grounds that overlook the Place Michel Debré.  More photos in this chapel series to follow.


  1. Very interested and cute start for this series. It is a very nice way to discover your area you so much appreciate.

  2. C'est sûrement un point de vue inattendu pour la plupart des touristes qui viennent à Amboise quand le temps est agréable. Ce jour-là, je n'ai pas vu de touristes sur la place Debré !