Thursday, May 8, 2014

home on the hill

This home in stone is on the outskirts of Amboise.  I found it on yet another one of my bike rides where I was trying to find undiscovered (to me) treasures like this.  I would love to know the history of the place (le Chatelier*) as it is clearly quite old.

* Pour vous francophones, il semble à moi, un atelier pour les chats !

Daily disclaimer: I'm currently on a road trip and while I can queue up my daily posts, I can't queue up my responses to your (most appreciated) comments nor to my CDP blogger friends' blogs.  I'll try to respond when possible of course.


  1. Ditto... what Tanya said. Let us know if you learn of its history, Stuart. Thanks for these wonderful pics. =)

  2. Impressive, and the place wears its years well! Very appealing, Stuart!