Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the biggest dandelion field ever

On a recent bike ride I came upon the biggest field of dandelions I have ever seen.  This shot is maybe 20% of it.  It was too big to get in one frame.  Besides, I wanted to include the geese from the adjoining field... especially since one of them was strutting his stuff.  Anyway, these little yellow flowers were so densely packed in there, I wonder if this was just nature's work or whether they were being grown as a crop.

Daily disclaimer: I'm currently on a road trip and while I can queue up my daily posts, I can't queue up my responses to your (most appreciated) comments nor to my CDP blogger friends' blogs.  I'll try to respond when possible of course.


  1. ha, they think they are fenced in. recently i noticed some deer in a corral with the horses. it looked so funny as they were hanging out in there eating like they live in there!

  2. The geese strutting his stuff really makes the pic marvelous!

  3. I don't think the dandelions have been sown. You can cut all their heads off and when you turn around, there's a new lot waiting for you! I sometimes wonder if I'm growing dandelions and not grass though.