Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday in Pocé-sur-Cisse

The little town of Pocé-sur-Cisse is just across the Loire from Amboise.  It is a charming place with a château of its own.  There are many cases where there are towns with same name, so to distinguish them, the name is often associated with a bordering river.  The Cisse is a little river that runs into the nearby Loire.  Thus the town is known as Pocé-on-the-Cisse.

Daily disclaimer: I'm currently on a road trip and while I can queue up my daily posts, I can't queue up my responses to your (most appreciated) comments nor to my CDP blogger friends' blogs.  I'll try to respond when possible of course.


  1. Quiet village life and a nice little church. Where is the "bistro" to drink a fine glass if wine ?

  2. Charming little church, really nice!