Thursday, July 2, 2015

which way is the wind blowing today?

Well, I guess it's all my fault.  I recently made the mistake of crowing to friends that compared to the US South, it doesn't get so hot here in France.  So now France is experiencing a prolonged period of extreme weather known as la canicule.  Yesterday, there were places in France that had temperatures  of 40° C / 104° F  (that's around 15° C  / 27° F above the average).  So I hope the wind is blowing from somewhere cooler but that does not appear to be the outlook for the foreseeable future.  Note that the rooster on this wind vane is an emblem of France.


  1. I see quite a number of bloggers in Europe in today's posts are making mention of the heat. So it's there in France as well.

  2. We arrived here in June 2003. The whole summer was like this, and worse!

  3. Is that rooster wilting under the heat?!