Friday, March 8, 2013

Azay-le-Rideau series - through the trees

Early châteaux were built like fortresses to protect their owners from invaders, but as the Renaissance swept across Europe, their style shifted to being beautiful and luxurious private residences for the royalty and the wealthy.  King François I is credited with bringing the Renaissance to France.  Under his influence, many Italian designers and craftsmen came to France to help construct châteaux in this style in the Loire valley, including Azay-le-Rideau.

You can make a nice walk all the way around the château and find many different angles to frame this jewel in tuffeau (the local white stone mentioned in the 13 February post).


  1. Another flawless photo.

  2. I like visits to still places - nice that you have chateaus like that right near where you live!

  3. Thank you Anne !

    And Joe. Hey, you have your own châteaux, of sorts, on the strip (at least they're big and extravagant) !

  4. Cette photo met bien valeur ce château magnifique ! J'adore le reflet dans l'eau !