Friday, August 29, 2014

sunflowers and Queen Anne's lace

I hope you haven't had enough of these beauties.  Both are so plentiful this year.  I found this scene on a little back-road while trying to find a new route to Chenonceau.  Again, it's too bad I didn't bring my ladder on the bike so I could show you just how enormous this sunflower fields is.


  1. Yes, really. Please do remember to take your ladder on bike trips. Also a tripod, and every lens you own. And a laptop. You may need a basket on the bike... ;)

  2. Sunflowers and lavendar are the real summer beauties and yellow and blue make a nice combination. I have at leat 15 lavendar plants in our little garden and 3 really big sunflowers and the bees love it. I wish you a nice weekend and a sunflower shot from a ladder top be careful.

    1. I hope the lavendar is in full swing now. It is so beautiful and of course the aroma is fantastic.

  3. Beautiful ! I love sunflowers and this photo!

  4. oh i love this, what a pretty road! i think our queen anne's lace is gone for the season now :(

  5. Sunflowers are so lovely this time of year. Ours are reaching the end of their vitality.

  6. Those sunflowers would make driving that road dangerous for me!