Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leonardo ?

Awhile back my neighbor and friend in Amboise was talking about the statue of Leonardo da Vinci on the Ile d'Or (the island in the Loire across from downtown).  And I said, that's not Leonardo, it's some sort of a mythological god, maybe Neptune.  He insisted, but I just couldn't believe it (see photo)!  Well, after that, I discovered a little plaque next to this sculpture and it explains that it is "Leonardo in the guise of an ancient god" (translated from French).


  1. Replies
    1. Well of course you are correct. You must be a big fan of his to recognize this. The plaque I mentioned says it was given to France in 1935 by the République de Saint-Marin (aka Republic of San Marino in northeast Italy). (Elsewhere on the web I read it was given to Paris.) It was placed in Amboise in 1976.

  2. I hope you both had a drink to settle your differences, that weren't so different after all!

  3. I cheated. Googled it, and found a flickr photo with the info!