Saturday, October 25, 2014

le raisin d'amérique

I have seen this plant often along the bike trails around Amboise.  As the name implies, it is not native to Europe but arrived here from North America (the French word raisin is a grape, while raisin sec is the English raisin).  Alas, in France, the plant is considered invasive.  When consumed in significant amounts, it can be fatal to many animals.  In any case, I think the bright red stems and purple-black berries make for interesting photos.

In the South of the US, this plant is called Polk Salad, or Poke Sallet, and is eaten after having been boiled multiple times to remove (most of) the toxins.  It became known to the rest of the States after being popularized by the hit tune Polk Salad Annie in 1969 (see it performed here).  There are Poke Sallet festivals held to this day in many southern states.

Bon weekend !


  1. Yes, the explanation is very interesting. I certainly haven't ever noticed it.

  2. I have definitely not heard of poke sallet before. It does make for a pleasing image though.

  3. I like these. But now I'm not too sure I want to see them here anymore...