Monday, October 6, 2014

Qui a mis le fou dans les Foulées Amboisiennes ?

Ca serait moi ! *

Every October the town of Amboise hosts les Foulées Amboisiennes (strides of the Amboisians) a day of foot racing at distances of  1 KM and 2 KM for the kids, and (this year) 9 KM and 17 KM for the adults.  I believe there were over 900 participants this year.  In any case, yesterday was a lot of fun and the first race in which I've participated in France (the 9 KM).

* This is a little play on the French words fou (crazy) and foulées (strides).  "Who put the craziness (fou) in the foot race (foulées)?  That would be me."

The winners (ça ne serait pas moi!) overall and in different age categories received these nice trophies... and bottles of local wine of course (not the kids though).

My race support team (my wife) caught me in flight. I guess I was going too fast.

Here's the post for last year's race for which I was too late to sign up.


  1. This was surely a nice event!

  2. 900 participants? WOW! For sure the streets are crowded.

  3. Winners get a bottle of wine?! How very French!!

  4. Oh well done Stuart.. 9kms when you're running it seems a lot more like 90 :)