Monday, November 30, 2015

a little bit of Africa in Amboise

Amboise is a twin city with Fana, Mali and a delegation arrived from there recently to renew ties and friendships.  On Saturday the 21st, they presented a remarkable demonstration of their traditional dancing and drumming on Place Debré..  The amazing aspect was that several of the dancers were on stilts over five feet tall (1.6 meters).  Alas, the festivities were in sharp contrast to the horrible events in their home country of the previous day, where some twenty people were killed in the capital city of Bamako. Another senseless attack that demonstrates that France, Mali, and really all countries are linked by their vulnerability to terrorism.  One could not have detected any distress, however, among the dancers here as the show was filled with great rhythms, enthusiasm, and joy.


  1. The show must go on hey Stuart. I bet under those cheery facades there would have been much heartbreak.

  2. i'm glad they carried on...look at those stilts!