Monday, August 17, 2015

mon péché est de manger trop de pêches

I caught this beauty while tending the garden of our neighbor a few weeks ago.   This has been a good year for peaches and I love them... maybe too much.  Thus today's title which also points out the importance of accent marks in French.  "Mon péché est de manger trop de pêches."    "My sin is eating too many peaches."  Given this and the story of Adam and Eve, it seems to me the forbidden fruit should have been a peach.  (On the other hand, in my wife's view, punning is the bigger sin.)


  1. Haha! There's nothing wrong with a good pun Stuart :) very much looking forward to summer peaches!

  2. Well in that case, I'm a big sinner... And it's a lovely photo, a mouthwatering one!

  3. Peaches are particularly good in pie!