Tuesday, August 25, 2015

safe behind the walls

While exploring a new bike route this week, I discovered this rather large vineyard totally surrounded by these imposing walls.  There must be an interesting story behind them (in addition to the vineyard).


  1. There may not be a particularly unusual story behind this vineyard (I think I recognise it, btw). It's a clos in the strictest sense of the word ie an enclosed vineyard. That means that the winemaker can use the word on the label and it has marketing value. Grapes in les clos ripen quicker and are generally considered higher quality, therefore make higher quality wine.

    1. That is teally interesting. Although I don't understand why they ripen quicker, do you? Something related to wind protection?

  2. i wonder how old it is? i love it!

  3. I'm sure it must have an interesting history.